The clock is ticking for Calaveras and Braunig Lake redfish ready to fire up the action in their annual reproduction effort and the spawn alarm is just about to go off! This is the best time of year to hook into some massive redfish in both lakes.  Come get you some!

While their reproductive efforts in freshwater are fruitless, the redfish in Calaveras and Braunig Lakes go through the motions each fall with about mid-September through mid-October the prime time to be on the water.  There are good, healthy populations of the transplanted saltwater predators stocked at both lakes over the years, with both sight-casting and downriggers producing hefty hook-ups. Because of the slightly lower afternoon air temperatures, the water temperature at the lakes is hovering around the 85-90 degree range that puts redfish in a fighting and biting mood.   We are seeing big schools of redfish cruising in water about 15 to 25 feet deep when they are not on the surface busting bait fish.

In just a couple weeks are expecting male redfish to be full of sperm and the eggs in females to be near full development  — that is when the angling action will really kick into high gear. We give most of the credit to this big fish action to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department stocking program that has been so successful in making both Calaveras and Braunig Lakes the places to go in the Lone Star State for some top notch freshwater redfishing.

When the schools of redfish are chasing bait on the surface, the winning technique seems to be casting gold or silver spoons as far away from the boat as possible, letting the lure sink for a count of about 10-20.  When the lure is cranking in with a slow, steady retrieve, the redfish are regularly enticed into biting.  If the sight-casting action slows down, we can always rig up the old reliable downriggers for some few hefty hook-ups.

Based upon the unusual number of big blue cats that have been snagging our downrigger lures throughout the summer, we are anticipating some good catfish action later this year.  Cool weather catfishing can really be the bomb for outdoor enthusiasts willing to hit the lakes in the winter.

As always, our anglers will be offered a Fishing With Manny bonus of a free, emailed photo of your catch.  All our trophy shots will be taken with our Cannon Model EOS Rebel T3I digital camera and, if requested, we will send a copy to your email address for a picture-perfect portrait of your day on the water.  It is just another way for us to make each trip a memory of a lifetime!

We also feature Sirius Radio (about 240 channels) on our boat to help our anglers enjoy the day and to monitor the changing weather conditions. In addition, we provide a free I-Pod Samsung connection for our anglers to listen to tunes or check the web if they ever get a break in the action. Check out our calendar for available dates (a lot of weekends are already booked) and come on out for some hot action and good times on the water!

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