It is time for armchair quarterbacks to leave the cozy confines of their warm living rooms and head out for some cold weather catfish action on Calaveras Lake. When the weather is bad, the fishing is good and we are ready and willing to brave the cold to put anglers on limits of channel and blue catfish! Winter is really the most wonderful time of the year!
After catching good numbers of big blue catfish on downriggers during redfish season, we were expecting good numbers of both blues and channels to get into a biting mood this winter. So far, we have not been disappointed. Right now we are hooking into good numbers of channel catfish and a few nice blues in water about 10-15 feet deep. There are big schools of both species to be found at Calaveras Lake, where the warm water discharge from the CPS Energy power plant fires up the fish by helping produce an abundant food source. Not only do the catfish feed all year long, they get bigger faster than their cousins living in the cold climates of the frozen north. Channel catfish about 2-3 pounds each are normal and we are seeing a few blues tipping the scales at 4-6 pounds. That is some nice sized fish!
We are expecting the fish to move into the shallow water as the temperatures continue to drop. Even when the air temperatures drop to the 30’s and 40’s, the water temperature never dips below about 55-58 degrees. Any reading under about 65 degrees means some red-hot catfish action. Unfortunately when the water temperature drops below the upper 60’s the redfish turn off and catfish take over as kings of the lake. We may manage to hook into a nice redfish or two on the warmer days, but the changes of any redfish action is slim until the spring.
Our bait of choice for both channel and blue catfish is CJ’s Punch Bait in original, minnow or shad flavors. We mold a ball of the bait around a No. 4 treble hook (the bait stays on the hook better in the winter than during the warm summer months) and fish on bottom in the deep water and with a cork in the shallows. Both methods can result in some red-hot action that will chase away the chill.
As always, our anglers will be offered a Fishing With Manny bonus of a free, emailed photo of your catch. All our trophy shots will be taken with our Cannon Model EOS Rebel T3I digital camera and, if requested, we will send a copy to your email address for a picture-perfect portrait of your day on the water. It is just another way for us to make each trip a memory of a lifetime!
We also feature Sirius Radio (about 240 channels) on our boat to help our anglers enjoy the day and to monitor the changing weather conditions. In addition, we provide a free I-Pod Samsung connection for our anglers to listen to tunes or check the web if they ever get a break in the action. Check out our calendar for available dates and come on out for some hot action and good times on the water!
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