The redfish pre-spawn is just around the corner and with our surprise catch of very nice blue catfish on downriggers; September is looking like a double whammy month for Calaveras Lake action! While the redfish go through the motions of spawning (it can’t happen in fresh water) they attack sight-cast and downrigger lures with vigor. We are looking forward to some high quality time on the water this fall. Your limit is waiting!
About this time every fall, the redfish action explodes at Calaveras Lake and all signs indicate this fall may be one of the best ever. In addition to large schools of redfish getting ready to spawn, we are also finding large schools of blue catfish that are hitting downrigger lures on a regular basis. Most of the blues are in the five to 10 pound range, so they put up a good tussle and are a welcome bonus on our redfish trips. There are a world of blue catfish at Calaveras and with the falling water temperatures as summer subsides, we are expecting the action to really kick into high gear. While the summer water temperatures can hover at 100 degrees or better, the heat tones down in the fall and the fish-catching range of 85-90 degrees really seems to put both redfish and blue cats in a biting mood.IMG_0837


We expect the redfish spawning efforts to start slow and kick into high gear about the middle of September. At that point, sight-casting lures into schools that can churn up the surface of the lake as they attack bait fish often results in a lot of arm-testing hook ups. This type of big fish action is a testament to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department stocking program that has been so successful in making both Calaveras and Braunig Lakes the places to go in the Lone Star State for some top notch freshwater redfish action.

The technique that seems to produce the best catches is to cast gold or silver spoons as far away from the boat as possible, letting the lure sink for a count of 20. When the lure has almost reached the bottom, a slow, steady retrieve seems to entice the bite. If the casting action slows down, we can always rig up the old reliable downriggers for a few hefty hook-ups.
As always, our anglers will be offered a Fishing With Manny bonus of a free, emailed photo of your catch. All our trophy shots will be taken with our Cannon Model EOS Rebel T3I digital camera and, if requested, we will send a copy to your email address for a picture-perfect portrait of your day on the water. It is just another way for us to make each trip a memory of a lifetime!IMG_0566
We also feature Sirius Radio (about 240 channels) on our boat to help our anglers enjoy the day and to monitor the changing weather conditions. In addition, we provide a free I-Pod Samsung connection for our anglers to listen to tunes or check the web if they ever get a break in the action. Check out our calendar for available dates (a lot of weekends are already booked) and come on out for some hot action and good times on the water!
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